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Industry challenges

Protecting the systems that keep people safe

phone cotrolling smart building

Commercial real estate is primed to adopt IoT, which promises to increase the efficiency of existing building management systems. From HVAC systems to smart meters, lights, and thermostats, IoT integration increases the control of smart building operators – and unlocks new ways to maximize efficiency.

However, every new IoT device creates an additional surface for cyber attack, data theft or system failure. And the stakes are high: A compromised device could be used to steal information or compromise an entire BMS, or could be made to malfunction in a way that puts lives at risk.

smart building security controlled by a phone

Customer needs

Proactive security and privacy

smart building security controlled by a phone

To thrive in the smart building space, IoT product managers need to provide tangible proof of security, privacy, and reliability. From real estate firms to workspace operators for large corporations, every customer needs reassurance that their systems are safe and that their devices are constantly performing at their best.

At the same time, the real estate market needs a proactive, intelligent approach to security and privacy. Endless patching for every new threat is unrealistic, and has the potential to undermine the efficiency achieved through IoT. Instead, success in this market depends on security that is constantly updated to address every new risk.

With Firedome, get advanced IoT security that’s always ahead of the latest attacks, backed by in-depth reporting and monitoring.

How Firedome helps

Deliver resilient, stable security in every IoT device

Grow market share

Show commercial real estate customers how committed you are to industry-leading security and privacy – and grow your market share.

Win more deals

Provide clear, objective assurance around IoT device performance and security – and close deals faster.

Drive customer loyalty

Create products with consistent performance to reduce churn and safeguard your reputation.

Key outcomes

Bring smart building customers products they’ll crave

Differentiate your offering

Gain a competitive edge by making security and privacy your point of difference.

Protect your reputation

Build your brand without the risk of a breach occurring and causing irreversible damage.

Focus on your core products

You focus on innovating your devices – we’ll take care of industry-leading security.

Reduce your time to market

Meet your customers’ complex requirements, from security compliance to cyber insurance obligations, and get your products to market faster.

Eliminate device downtime

No more hurried patching – our dynamic agent will keep your devices up to date and protected.
IoT product managers choose Firedome for

IoT product managers choose Firedome for

Integrated IoT threat detection and protection

A certified security agent

24/7 cyber monitoring

Secure OTA remote access

Marketing Launchpad to bring products to market

Flexible integration

AI-based threat detection

Proactive network monitoring and alerts

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