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Industry challenges

IT vendors are unable to address enterprise IoT security needs

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Unlike IT device vendors, IoT vendors are able to sell hardware that doesn’t include built-in Endpoint Protection, but that doesn’t mean enterprises don’t want it. Without access to the device firmware, enterprises jump through many hoops and employ taxing – and largely ineffective – security strategies and solutions to keep hackers from using IoT devices as an entry point into their networks.

Roundabout IoT security strategies used by security teams are a burden, as devices cannot be managed in a centralized way, and sometimes they are even prevented from fully connecting to the internet. This is not how they were intended to be used, but without Endpoint Protection purpose-built for these devices and delivered by default from the vendor, enterprises are powerless to do much about it.


Customer needs

Pre-Installed Endpoint Protection to address enterprise IoT security demand


Despite that they are not in the business of security software, vendors would greatly benefit from offering a pre-installed Endpoint Security with their IoT devices. Immense added value for enterprises, and specifically their security teams, would result in significant gains in brand differentiation, customer lifetime value, retention, and revenues.

Vendors need a reliable partner that is an expert in security and embedded IoT to work with them, and ensure that their devices are protected from square one. A lightweight solution that could be deployed to devices already in use, via a firmware update, would enable them to offer this to existing customers as well – and this is exactly what Firedome provides.

Why Firedome?

Firedome bridges the gap between IoT device vendors and enterprise customers. We work with 70+ device brands to secure their connected devices, and with the countless enterprise organizations that demand Endpoint Protection enabling them to more easily manage their IoT security.

Our solution enables vendors to add brand value and obtain new sources of revenue. With little involvement from your engineering team and in a matter of days, we can pre-install our lightweight agent into your devices or do a firmware update update, to help you easily benefit from built-in Endpoint Protection for your enterprise customers.

Hone your competitive edge

Outpace your competitors with industry-leading, easily managed security and privacy that sets your brand apart.

Build devices and scale revenue

Tap into ready-made IoT Endpoint Protection and quickly launch new, compliant products to security-minded customers.

Focus on your products

Leverage lightweight security technology that has no performance penalty and is simple to deploy to any device, even those in use.

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