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From technology to execution, everything we do is underpinned by the care, commitment, and talent of our partners. They play a vital role in transforming the future of IoT security and together, we dramatically expand our global reach.

With our groundbreaking technology and our partners’ expertise in bringing quality devices to the global market, we are together pushing IoT into a future where effortless security of these devices is the rule – not the exception.

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IoT Vendor Alliance Partners

Apply to join the IoT Vendor Alliance program, and drive new revenue with built-in Endpoint Protection.

Endpoint Protection Inside

We upgrade the security of your connected devices with a lightweight agent during production, or as a firmware update post-deployment, enabling you to offer products to customers that are secure from square one.

Preferred Enterprise Vendor

Include your company in the first official network of preferred vendors with built-in Endpoint Protection capabilities, and get promoted to enterprise security teams already looking for products like yours.
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Become a partner

Strategic Partners

Plant your flag in the growing IoT world, and be part of the group that sets the standards for an IoT movement built on a secure foundation.

Bear the Security Standard for Your Industry

You know the demands of security professionals in your industry best, so be the first to introduce the best security to them. Making it easy to embrace security gives your organization a powerful voice.

Collaborate with Firedome’s Foremost Experts

We are the best in the world at combining security and embedded IoT expertise, resulting in knowledge and technology that is easy to pass on and apply to your industry’s specific needs.
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