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Upgrade your cybersecurity for growth
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The Firedome IoT Security Platform

Built on a unique embedded IoT endpoint protection, our IoT security platform is designed to go wherever your devices and customers do. It’s one answer to the challenges of device, user data and operational security – all in the same integrated, easy to use platform.

IoT brands choose Firedome for comprehensive protection against common threats like malware, denial of service, cryptojacking and identity misuse. All backed by proprietary machine learning technology, deep analytics, and ongoing intelligence from our Security Operations Center.

Powerful cloud backend

With logic and heuristics analysis in the cloud, Firedome is lightweight, adaptable and easy to integrate with your products.

Comprehensive security

Our platform goes beyond securing IoT devices to secure user data, and secure operations including secure software updates and remote connections.

Vital intelligence

With useful dashboards and integration into your own tools, Firedome gives you complete visibility over risks, threats and next steps.

Device protection
Build security into your endpoints

Making security an integrated part of your offering, Firedome Device Protection combines a lightweight security agent with an industry-leading cloud backend. It’s an effective way to protect devices against exploits and close vulnerabilities that could be leaving you exposed.

Implementing the agent is simple, with widespread chipset compatibility, there is no impact on device performance. Instead, it’s our cloud platform that monitors and analyzes traffic, spotting the suspicious signs of a malicious attack – and giving you practical tools to prevent and mitigate them.

  • Lightweight software agent
  • Install during manufacturing or add with a firmware update
  • Support for operating systems including FreeRTOS, Android and Embedded Linux
  • Full stack security on the device at both host and network levels
  • Real-time detection, prevention, and response to malware
  • Cloud-based behavioural analytics
  • Fleet and device-level security heuristics
  • Threat intelligence from our Security Operations Center
  • Prevent both known and unknown (0-day) threats

User data protection
Stand out in a security conscious market

Bringing even more value to your customers, Firedome User Data Protection gives your users comprehensive protection against data and credentials misuse.

Every time a user logs in, Firedome logs key data like usernames, times, locations and IP addresses. Then, our machine learning models monitor for suspicious logins that don’t match the usual pattern, rejecting them and alerting you. Meanwhile, we also monitor the darknet for leaked passwords – a significant risk that dramatically increases the chance of a device breach.

  • Give your customers confidence and peace of mind
  • Reduce the risk posed by third-party breaches and leaks
  • Ongoing monitoring and analytics, powered by machine learning

Secure operational tools
Monitor and manage remote IoT devices securely

Delivering exceptional service to your customers often means regular firmware updates, monitoring, and remote troubleshooting. Firedome gives you quick, convenient ways to make these routine processes more secure.

Our security dashboard gives you full visibility over your IoT fleet. With our Secure Tunnel, you can connect to any service on edge IoT devices – without the risk of port opening or remote connections. And when it’s time to roll out a new software update, Firedome can automate the entire process while securing connections across your entire fleet.

  • Stay connected to your fleet without the security risk
  • Fix precarious devices remotely and eliminate the need for product recalls
  • Streamline and automate secure firmware updates
  • Monitor the CPU and memory consumption of your devices

Make robust IoT security part of how you work

Firedome doesn’t just add a vital layer of security to your products and value proposition. It makes better security an integrated part of how you do business.

As well as our own easy to use dashboard for security and marketing, you can use our cloud  API to integrate live security into your own platform. You will be able to choose how and what security related data to share with your end customers.

Make security a compelling feature

Find out how we go beyond security to deliver full support
as you market, manage and launch your protection.


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