The Firedome Platform

Software-only Agent

Installed on each of the vendors’  IoT devices and designed to constantly monitor the device’s real-time activity and identify abnormal behaviors. The innovative agent is lightweight and can be easily integrated even into aftermarket devices

OS monitoring and Instant detection of attacks attempted

Network traffic inspection and prevention of network-based attacks

Heuristic, reputation and signature based scanning

Network security Risk Assessment

IPS capabilities

Immediate response to detected attacks

Cloud-Based AI Engine

The AI engine communicates with the agent, receives data and sends back commands. The ever-learning engine also provides analytics and insights derived from overseeing the entire fleet

Sophisticated Machine Learning of anomaly detection

Ongoing analysis & ID of malicious events IP, DNS, malware and more

Based on an ultra-secure cloud

Scalable & tailored for the IoT environment

State of the art heuristic- based scanning and analysis

Autonomous prevention logic


A friendly and self explanatory dashboard that offers advanced analytics and insights per device and fleet, for security and business purposes.

Firedome customers enjoy rich data visualization of security alerts, device’s processes, devices location, firmware and more.

24/7 SOC Team enriches the platform and ensures its quality

Our solutions are accompanied by a dedicated and a professional SOC team that conducts researches, data analyses, security event investigations and 24/7 cybersecurity support to our clients. Professional cybersecurity experts help IoT companies gain the needed knowledge and make optimal decisions with regards to anomalies, intrusion detection, events analytics, response to suspicious event alerts and more

Firedome Technology