Industrial IoT

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How we protect the IIoT devices
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IIoT solutions

From connected components to heavy machinery

Industrial printers

Heavy machinery

Smart irrigation

Connected components (sensors, actuators)

Industrial robotics


Specialized cameras

PLCs (Programmable logic controllers)


Industry challenges

The drive for efficiency leaves critical systems exposed


With a strong appetite to deliver operational efficiency, industry is already adopting IoT on a huge scale. Automation and data-driven robotics bring big benefits, from improving throughput to reducing safety risks for workers.

But bringing new digital capability to physical equipment creates new risk. Suddenly, it’s not just data that’s at risk – it’s infrastructure, supply chain, and operations too. Nobody wants to be responsible for another national catastrophe on the scale of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware incident.

Even in air-gapped closed networks, unsecured IIoT devices are always potential new attack vectors. An unassuming sensor could be how an attacker infiltrates the network, elevates its access to critical systems, and causes entire operations to shut down.

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Customer needs

Powerful performance and unbeatable security

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For IIoT product managers selling into industry, the first step is understanding the huge onus on industrial engineers to preserve operations. That’s not just in terms of ongoing security, privacy and protection against attacks, but also in day-to-day performance. Effective security that affects reliability is a non-starter – the failure of a device to perform could bring operations to a standstill.

Many industrial customers also take out cyber insurance policies, which come with strict requirements around security. These typically include real-time attack detection and mitigation on all connected devices. By meeting these requirements, you can help industrial customers adopt IoT without compromising on their standards – or putting the entire plant at risk.

With Firedome, get IIoT device security that responds in real time to every attack – all in one lightweight agent that keeps performance and reliability high.

How Firedome helps

Industry-leading security and privacy with Cyber as a Feature

Expand market share

Win market share by demonstrating your commitment to security and creating IIoT devices that industrial engineers can count on.

more deals

Provide the assurances around security, compliance, and privacy that your industrial customers are looking for – and close deals faster.

Reduce churn

Keep customers satisfied for longer with performance that won’t be undermined by a cunning cyber attack.

Key outcomes

Create IIoT devices for the most demanding settings

Stay competitive

Make security a key point of differentiation for your IIoT products and devices.

Protect your brand

Don’t risk the bad publicity that comes with a devastating breach or security failure.

Focus on your core products

You focus on creating new ways to drive operational efficiency in your customers’ devices – we’ll take care of industry-leading security.

Reduce your time to market

Embed industry-leading security and privacy in record time with our ready-to-use platform.

Eliminate downtime

Guarantee ongoing performance with a dynamic agent that provides continuous protection, in the network or at the edge.
IIoT brands choose Firedome for

IIoT brands choose Firedome for

Integrated IoT threat detection and protection

A certified security agent

24/7 cyber monitoring

Secure OTA remote access

Marketing Launchpad to bring products to market

Flexible integration

AI-based threat detection

Proactive network monitoring and alerts

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