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Preserving Organizational Morale and Business Continuity Remotely During the COVID-19 Crisis

April 08, 2020 by Hila Harkov

In the midst of complete uncertainty and with the understanding that we needed to prepare for a new reality, we convened a management...


How Firedome Protects Millions of IoT Devices From Hijacking from a new OpenWRT Vulnerability

March 26, 2020 by Shaked Ilan

Critical Remote Code Execution Bug in Linux Based OpenWRT OS Affects Millions of IoT Devices This week, a MAJOR critical vulnerability was discovered...


There Are No Winter Breaks on the Darknet: Our Top 10 IoT Cyber Stories of Q1 2020

March 24, 2020 by Roman Golubov

Let’s start with some good news: the IoT industry is becoming more accountable for security in multiple ways, including by beginning to develop...


Better together: Highlights of Microsoft and Firedome’s new strategic partnership

March 11, 2020 by Sharon Mirsky

2020 started off right for Firedome and Microsoft’s Azure Security Center for IoT (ASC for IoT): We announced a new, promising strategic partnership...


Firedome’s celebration of innovation at CES 2020

January 15, 2020 by Sharon Mirsky

For a few decades now, CES has become synonymous with “innovation”. Tech companies, journalists and enthusiasts from every corner of the globe gather...


Don’t release any IoT products you wouldn’t trust with your own loved ones

December 11, 2019 by Shaked Ilan

In October 2019, news broke of a Russian researcher who was able to hack into thousands of FurryTail pet feeders due to API...


Smart camera manufacturer recall: Mirai IoT malware attack

November 18, 2019 by Roman Golubov

Do you remember that day in 2016 when both Netflix and Twitter went down? That October, millions of IoT devices infected with Mirai...


10 Lessons Learned from Raising Firedome’s Series A

October 23, 2019 by Moti Shkolnik

Moti Shkolnik, Firedome’s Co-founder and CEO, shares his thoughts after the successful funding round  Raising money as a startup is a unique experience,...


Top 15 IoT industry events device manufacturers shouldn’t miss

October 06, 2019 by Adir Ben Yehuda

Even in today’s hyper-digital world there are plenty of reasons to get out of the office and shake some hands. For example, you...


IoT security laws and standards you must know and get ready to adhere to

September 03, 2019 by Shaked Ilan

The past decade has seen many efforts by various governing bodies to define and regulate what cybersecurity means in today’s market. In this...

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