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“35% of IoT non-buyers say
security is their biggest concern”


A compelling IoT product isn’t just capable and connected. The most successful products address a key customer concern – embracing new technology without compromising on security.

At Firedome, we help ambitious brands differentiate, add value, and sell more by making it easy to build integrated IoT security into the fabric of your products.


Cut through your market

Use our technology and expertise to make security your differentiator and a compelling selling point.

Build customer confidence

From homeowners to the most security-conscious businesses, remove security fears and increase trust in your brand.

Sell more

Tap into the wider untouched market of security-conscious buyers – and knock your sales targets out of the park.

Use robust cyber security to fuel your growth

From malware to denial of service attacks, every connection comes with risk. By definition, that means IoT devices open up a new attack vector that your customers need to close.

Our AI-driven platform is designed to make integrating security and privacy manageable for every IoT brand. Just use our proven platform and specialist expertise as your own.


Device protection

Cloud-based endpoint security to analyze traffic, identify threats, and eliminate them.

User data protection

Monitoring and behavioral analytics to identify suspicious logins or leaked credentials.

Secure operational tools

A secure tunnel for remote connections, log monitoring, and secure device updates.

Real time visibility and Integrations

Make security intelligence an integrated part of your management dashboard.

Vulnerability assessment

Receive a detailed analysis of the security gaps in your product design and learn how to mitigate them

Security expertise

Have access to a highly skilled SOC team 24/7 for breach investigation, analysis & reporting

Your team of IoT security specialists

From building security into your product roadmap to ongoing monitoring and management, we’re here to make delivering great security feel easy.

From our 24/7 Security Operation Center, our in-house team of analysts will help you understand your security posture and respond to incidents – without the cost or complexity of bringing specialist expertise in-house.

About us

Amplify effective security as a key differentiator

As the first company to achieve the UL IoT Diamond Security Rating, we’ll help you develop a complete IoT security program – then make that program a visible, compelling competitive advantage. With marketing assets, messaging and resources, you can communicate value and demonstrate your commitment to security and privacy. It’s a powerful way to reassure existing customers, reduce churn, and dramatically extend your reach into new, security-conscious markets.

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Firedome Cyber Intelligence API adds cybersecurity protection, home digital diary, and enhanced remote customer support to our Nevo® Butler Product
Arsham Hatambeiki - SVP Product & Technology, Universal Electronics Inc.
We are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to enhance our offering. With Firedome we add a very important security layer to our residential and hospitality lines of business
Guy Vardi - Chief Innovation Officer, Silverstein Properties
By choosing the Firedome solution we protect our Bond product and our end consumers against sophisticated cyber attacks.
Zohar Shinar - Founder & CEO, Olibra

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