Real-Time Cybersecurity for IoT Manufacturers

Firedome’s tailor-made solutions are designed to proactively prevent, detect, and respond, in real time, to inevitable vulnerabilities in connected devices.


Firedome Wins CES 2020 Innovation Award for Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy

Make Your Brand
Stand Out

Position yourself as a security leader, differentiate from the competition and appeal to security-minded buyers

Real-time Solution

Firedome’s AI engine dynamically learns and acts upon new threats in real-time, leveraging insights derived from millions of devices that are spread globally. 

Device Visibility

IoT manufacturers currently lack critical data as to the status of their aftermarket devices. Firedome solutions include advanced insights  and analytics around device security status

24/7 Security
Operations Center

The IoT industry is stressed for expert cybersecurity resources. Firedome’s dedicated SOC team provides 24/7 monitoring and response to threats, leveraging its strong IoT cybersecurity domain expertise as well as its access to accumulated, cross-industry knowledge of emerging threats

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Legacy Protection
Can’t Keep Up

Static, predictive protection will only take you so far, as cyber-attacks are constantly evolving.

Firedome Solutions

Firedome Endpoint Protection

A multi-layered approach to prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity threats in real-time
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Cyber Intelligence API

Firedome’s API enables companies to utilize the rich security data collected by the platform
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Firedome Cyber Intelligence API adds cybersecurity protection, home digital diary, and enhanced remote customer support to our Nevo® Butler Product
Arsham Hatambeiki - SVP Product & Technology, Universal Electronics Inc.
We are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to enhance our offering. With Firedome we add a very important security layer to our residential and hospitality lines of business
Guy Vardi - Chief Innovation Officer, Silverstein Properties
By choosing the Firedome solution we protect our Bond product and our end consumers against sophisticated cyber attacks.
Zohar Shinar - Founder & CEO, Olibra

Firedome’s Technology

Software-Only Agent

Every single agent constantly monitors the device in real-time to identify abnormal network or activity patterns. The agent can be installed on any IoT device, in production or later, using any IoT operating system.

Machine-Learning Cloud- Based Engine

Communicates with the agent, receives data and sends commands. The ever-learning engine also provides profiling analytics as well as insights derived from millions of devices protected by the Firedome solution.

Visibility Dashboard

A super user-friendly dashboard that offers security analytics per device and fleet. Firedome customers enjoy rich data visualization of security alerts, device processes, firmware and operational insights.

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