Software-only NDR
empowering security

Firedome Curve™ provides organizations with the means to preemptively
stop supply chain, insider threat, ransomware, and other complex attacks
that might otherwise evade detection by current security protocols and controls

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The first software-only NDR


Firedome Curve™ enhances NDR solution ROI by replacing hardware appliance usage with innovative security features.

It utilizes network traffic metadata, deep packet inspection, and proactive scanning to optimize security while conserving computational resources.

Rapid deployment in days and minimal maintenance ensure unmatched ease of use.


What do we offer?

  • Software-only – deployable in days
  • Hybrid networks – on-prem and cloud
  • Active anomaly detection validation
  • Autonomous response
  • Evidence-based network hardening recommendations
  • API that extends SOC orchestration capabilities
  • Cross-network immediate and independent investigation

Empowering security teams

Specialized use cases for core security teams

Security operations

On top of accurate detection alerts based on active validation the solution can be integrated into existing playbooks by exposing APIs that expand the SOC capabilities

Incident response

With a press of a button analysts are provided with instant access to every subnet in the organization with a built-in threat analysis toolkit

Continuous security architecture support

Generates risk-based and evidence supported network hardening recommendations for firewall rules, segmentation and attack surface reduction

The challenge

Existing hardware based NDR solutions provide limited ROI

Tedious deployment – Deploying appliances involves manual installation, including setting up SPAN ports on each monitored switch and integrating with third-party response tools.

High total cost of ownership (TCO) – The required hardware substantially increases the resources needed from the IT organization to monitor and maintain availability and increases licensing prices dramatically.

Partial coverage – High TCO and tedious deployment drive to prioritization of the network segments to be monitored.

High false positive rate – Achieving an acceptable false positive rate may extend to 2 years due to limited network coverage and sole reliance on inspected traffic.

The problem

Network traffic visibility is a must to prevent cyber attacks

80% of organizations lack visibility of their east-west traffic leading to a high probability of suffering from undetected cyber attacks
of organizations believed that a lack of network visibility poses a high or very high risk to the organization
marked visibility into east-west network traffic as one of their top three greatest challenges with their current network infrastructure.

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