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Endpoint Protection

The number of IoT attacks has skyrocketed in the past few years. IoT device manufacturers are in need of robust proactive solutions that can help address this growing risk. 

Firedome Endpoint Protection is a multi-layered security solution: autonomous real-time prevention, detection & response that result in reducing security gaps, decreasing operational costs and eliminating emergency firmware upgrades.


Proactive security measures designed to stop threats before they occur


Deep analysis designed to identify new threats to the device installed base, as they emerge


Detect attacks, recover and mitigate potential risks to the device and fleet

With Firedome Endpoint Protection, IoT device manufacturers can:

Reduce risk

  • Decrease the probability of a cyber attack
  • Decrease the impact of a cyber attack

Generate Revenue

  • Expand the target market to reach security-minded buyers
  • Increase margins with “security leader” differentiation
  • Gain new revenue for security added value services

Reduce operational costs

  • Decrease the number of emergency security updates
  • Eliminate the need to develop and maintain some security features
  • Decrease the product return rate

Firedome Endpoint Protection Transforms IoT Security

Static, predictive protection will only take you so far, as the different types of cyber-attacks are constantly evolving


Malware & Botnets

Denial of Service

Fleet Hijacking

Unpatched Vulnerabilities

Remote Access Threats


Internet Scanners

Ensure That Both Your Brand and Your Customers are Well Protected

Cyber Intelligence API

Firedome API allows manufacturers to utilize the rich security data that is collected by the Firedome Platform. With Firedome’s Cyber Intelligence API, IoT manufacturers can:

Receive fleet-level security insights

Provide cybersecurity protection to the entire network

Create added value
to their end consumers

Firedome Cyber Intelligence API adds cybersecurity protection, home digital diary, and enhanced remote customer support to our Nevo® Butler Product
Arsham Hatambeiki - SVP Product & Technology, Universal Electronics Inc.
We are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to enhance our offering. With Firedome we add a very important security layer to our residential and hospitality lines of business
Guy Vardi - Chief Innovation Officer, Silverstein Properties
By choosing the Firedome solution we protect our Bond product and our end consumers against sophisticated cyber attacks.
Zohar Shinar - Founder & CEO, Olibra


Security incidents and the accompanied losses are not only very harmful, but they are also constantly on the rise. While no one can prevent 100% of possible incidents, our expert detection and response teams can help you react quickly and minimize losses (such as downtime) if attacks do occur. We use a comprehensive approach to support our customers, including detection and response to cybersecurity disasters.

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Intensify the device security posture with Firedome’s innovative IoT Threat Lab. The service simulates hundreds of networks for immediate detection of new threats, vulnerabilities and real life cyber attacks. The IoT Threat Lab will supplement Pen testing efforts for better understanding of real life environments. Cybersecurity Threat Lab allows manufacturers to have:

  • Real time detection of zero day attacks
  • Honeypot based – attracts IoT attacks
  • Aggregation of real home threats
  • Advanced analytics and insights offered by Firedome Dashboard

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