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Firedome Added Value Services

Proactive IoT security, integrated into your devices, is just part of how we can help you get the competitive edge and win more business. You’ll also benefit from our experience and expertise across every stage of bringing security to market.

With our added-value services, get a proactive partner who knows how to turn IoT security from a compelling feature to a significant market advantage.

24/7 SOC Monitoring

Your team of security experts

As well as access to your own dashboard for real-time visibility, our Security Operation Center team constantly monitors IoT fleets for potential threats, incidents and breaches.

Available 24/7, our dedicated team offers years of security experience in the national defense industry. They conduct daily research to feed the Firedome AI and, if there are signs of a potential attack, take immediate action to mitigate the threat before it escalates. As a result, you get IoT security backed by an always-available team to safeguard your fleet.

  • Fast response to potential attacks
  • Real-time mitigation from security experts
  • Threat intelligence notifications
  • Monthly reporting

IoT Cyber Consulting

Put best-practice security at the heart of your roadmap

We’re proud to be the first company to achieve the UL IoT Diamond Security rating. Throughout that process, we’ve leveraged our specialist experience from the frontlines of security – and we can help you benefit from that insight.

Our consultants can help you analyze your business security strategy, considering your cybersecurity risk, regulatory obligations, technical constraints and more. As a result, you can develop a comprehensive security program in line with UL IoT security requirements and best practice.  We will help you build a scalable security roadmap, leaning on Firedome to minimize internal resources. Wherever you are on your IoT security journey, we’ll help you make informed decisions about your next step.

  • Business security strategy
  • Threat and risk analysis
  • IoT penetration testing
  • Security program definition
  • Firedome platform implementation
  • Regulatory and compliance advice

Marketing Launchpad

Showcasing IoT security for your customers

Maximizing the commercial impact of proactive security has a lot of moving parts. The biggest impact comes from a smart blend of awareness building, education and compelling marketing. 

Our specialized marketing team provides constant support and service from pre-launch to roll-out and beyond. We’ll develop a bespoke launch enablement toolkit that’s built around your business, your products and your target audiences. So you can make IoT security a significant, highly visible differentiator and maximize the return on your investment.

  • Specialized marketing services
  • Customized sales and marketing collateral
  • A proven approach to IoT security marketing
  • Launch enablement toolkit

The Firedome Cybersecurity Threat Lab

See how secure your devices really are

The single biggest threat to your IoT fleet is the catalog of risks that you don’t know exist. The ultimate in security means getting ahead of every vulnerability – including zero-day attacks.

Put your devices through their paces with the Firedome Cybersecurity Threat Lab: a source of intelligence from the very forefront of new threats. Simulating hundreds of networks and using honeypots to attract IoT attacks, the lab detects new threats in real time, as well as penetration testing your devices to see how robust their defenses are. It’s a way to make sure your devices are prepared for every new attack vector – today and tomorrow.

  • Real-time detection
  • Zero-day attack analysis
  • Penetration testing
  • Advanced analytics with the Firedome dashboard

A holistic, integrated approach to IoT security

See how the Firedome IoT Security Platform brings
advanced cybersecurity to your entire IoT fleet.


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