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Protecting the IoT devices
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Home automation

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Smart lighting

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Bringing new risk into homes

a guy using his smart home app

Consumer IoT adoption is on the rise, but the introduction of devices like smart lights, locks, wearables and more all present a new security risk. From PII to photos, some devices handle sensitive data that device manufacturers need to protect. But every device is a potential new route for an attacker to infiltrate the home network.

Meanwhile, more people than ever before are working from home. Their work is likely to include the use of sensitive corporate data, as well as regular connections to an employer’s network – something attackers could exploit through a smart home device.

When it comes to smart home IoT, a single security gap is all an attacker needs. It’s vital that every device is protected by industry-leading security.

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Customer needs

Your consumers care about security and privacy

a girl controlling her smart home

Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned about security. Ninety-one percent of buyers prefer products with clear security labeling and 30-50% of buyers would be willing to pay more for devices they know are secure.

Front-end features like password management and MFA are useful, but attackers can work around these hurdles by targeting device software. Driving consumer adoption of IoT in the home depends on more robust security and privacy, right down to the firmware. And maximizing your impact in the consumer IoT space means putting security front and center – making it a high-visibility, high-impact element of your marketing strategy.

With Firedome, get industry-leading IoT security backed by the marketing expertise you need to fully leverage Cyber as a Feature.

How Firedome helps

Effective, visible security with Cyber as a Feature

Expand market share

Use our marketing expertise and innovative platform to reach consumers who are concerned about security.

Outpace your competitors

Stand out, demand attention, and close deals with devices that highlight security and privacy.

Improve product performance

Create products your customers love with high reliability and protection against possible downtime.

Key outcomes

IoT devices that
consumers trust

Differentiate your offering

Gain a competitive edge by making security and privacy your point of difference when everyone else is talking about specs.

Protect your reputation

Don’t risk the bad publicity that comes with a devastating breach or security failure.

Focus on your core products

You focus on innovating your smart home devices – we’ll take care of industry-leading security.

Showcase exceptional security

Use our marketing expertise to educate consumers on what makes your devices different.

Improve device connectivity

Maintain the highest levels of performance with protection against malware and flexible remote monitoring.
Smart home brands choose Firedome for

Smart home brands choose Firedome for

Integrated IoT threat detection and protection

A certified security agent

24/7 cyber monitoring

Secure OTA remote access

Marketing Launchpad to bring products to market

Specialist help to differentiate your products

On-demand B2B and B2C marketing expertise

Flexible integration

AI-based threat detection

Proactive network monitoring and alerts

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