Smart Cities

transform how
we all live

How we empower IoT brands
to create the cities of the future

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Smart city solutions

Protecting the devices that drive new ecosystems

EV charging docks

Smart grids

Emergency lighting

Smart parking sensors

Street lighting

Security cameras

Digital signage

Waste management


Industry challenges

Smart cities create
significant new risks


Cities like Singapore, Helsinki, and Zurich are already demonstrating the potential of smart cities. From transportation to sustainability, they’re using connectivity and data to improve quality of life. But as our physical space takes on a digital dimension, cyber security is more important than ever.

Without robust security, a single traffic light, EV charging dock, or streetlamp could become the weak point that brings down an entire city’s infrastructure. At the same time, the implications of failure are serious: A cyberattack can go beyond data theft and ransom, having the potential to damage property and potentially put lives at risk.

Every device in a connected city can be breached, manipulated, and controlled. A single EV charging dock or traffic light could become a pathway into the wider network – and a way for attackers to bring an entire city to its knees.

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Customer needs

Unbreakable security for critical IoT devices

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Working in the smart city space, IoT product managers need to meet complex requirements imposed by governments and local authorities. Strict security and privacy is just the start. In addition to proactively defending against cyber attacks, every device also needs to support constant, 24/7 operation and unlock new functionality without putting people at risk.

The market is ripe with opportunity. But seizing this opportunity means providing industry-leading security at scale: proactive, constantly updated protection that’s ready for every new attack.

With Firedome, deliver IoT devices that are secured to the highest standards – and ready to take everything a smart city can throw at them.

How Firedome helps

An efficient way to embed
IoT security into your smart city devices

Expand market share

Make your connected products compelling devices for security-conscious governments and public bodies – and win market share.

Create customer confidence

Close deals faster with tangible, measurable proof of your security, privacy, and compliance.

Improve customer lifetime value

Build products that can withstand everything a city throws at them – and keep customers for longer.

Key outcomes

Scale up your IoT security for smart cities

Meaningfully differentiate your products

Enter every tender and procurement process with products that have industry-leading security as a core USP.

Protect your brand

Safeguard your brand from disastrous breaches with bulletproof protection against malware, ransomware, and more.

Use your resources to innovate

Focus your energy on creating the innovative devices that will power tomorrow’s cities – and leave the security to us.

Reduce your time to market

Confidently meet the security, privacy, and compliance requirements of your smart city customers, and get your products to market faster.

Eliminate downtime

Keep your devices performing at their best with our dynamic agent and continuous protection.

Navigate compliance

Our expert team will guide you through the compliance landscape, including standards like the IoT Improvement Act.
Smart city IoT brands choose Firedome for

Smart city IoT brands choose Firedome for

Integrated IoT threat detection and protection

A certified security agent

24/7 cyber monitoring

Secure OTA remote access

Marketing Launchpad to bring products to market

Flexible integration

AI-based threat detection

Proactive network monitoring and alerts

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