Protected by Firedome

The ‘Protected by Firedome’ sticker means that the device you are holding is cyber protected using Firedome real-time endpoint technology.
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Protected by Firedome

Setting the gold standard in IoT security

The world of cybersecurity is complex, but your customers come with one simple question: is this device secure or not?

With our Protected By Firedome program, you will leverage a robust security and privacy  seal of approval as part of the way you package, market and sell your products. The Protected By Firedome badge is becoming the de facto standard in IoT device security and enables customers to determinee whether an IoT device comes with a superior level of protection.


Build customer confidence

Give new customers a simple way to check the security of your devices and remove potential barriers to a sale.

Reassure existing customers

Launch a visible reminder of the effective security your customers receive, reducing churn and improving retention.

Outperform your competitors

With the Protected By Firedome sticker, your products get an instant advantage over less secure alternatives.

Cyber as a Feature
Everything you need to integrate IoT security

Protected By Firedome isn’t just about the powerful features of the Firedome Security Platform. It’s also part of our all-encompassing approach to supporting our customers on their journeys to better security and more sales. We call it Cyber as a Feature.

We’ll help you implement security to our uncompromising standards, then give you the marketing support you need to showcase that security – not just with the sticker, but also related collateral and marketing material.

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Make effective security your competitive edge.
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