Freedom to grow
your product

Meet the world’s first IoT security platform built for
growth-hungry product leaders

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Groundbreaking security
for IoT products

Device protection

Use our endpoint security agent to detect and prevent threats in real time.

User protection

Protect your customers with robust visibility controls and unusual activity alerts.

Complete compliance

Firedome is built around security compliance and best practice.

24/7 monitoring

We’ll secure your fleet with monitoring from our AI-enabled engine and expert team.

Device visibility

Monitor and maintain your fleet with remote visibility and metrics.
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Find your competitive edge

Outpace your competitors with industry-leading security and privacy that sets you apart as a leader.

Build and sell faster

Tap into ready-made IoT security to launch new products faster – and meet compliance requirements out of the gate.

Achieve a landmark in loyalty

We’ll help your products deliver to the highest standards: no downtime, no successful attacks, and nothing to send your best customers elsewhere.

Focus on your products

Leverage our game-changing technology and specialized security expertise: We’ll make integrating powerful security easy.

Keep your customers safe

Give millions of potential customers the confidence they need to embrace our connected, IoT-powered future.


No surface left unprotected

Protect against everything

From data leaks to IoT botnets, Firedome is built to cover the widest range of threats and attack vectors. It’s one platform to keep your products – and your customers – safe, constantly evolving and updating for whatever tomorrow’s attacks look like

Lightweight, easy-to-deploy agent

The Firedome security agent has been carefully designed for simple deployment and a lightweight profile. As a result, you can maintain exceptional performance on a wide variety of chipsets and operating systems.

Robust network monitoring

IoT devices don’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why the Firedome agent can even detect nearby devices, scanning them for security risks and vulnerabilities. It’s a way to make sure your devices are used as part of a secure ecosystem – not connecting to a potential threat.

Go beyond visibility

Firedome doesn’t just let you know when the signs of an attack are found. The Firedome agent is there to end attacks fast, using automated mitigation that can respond in real time before they have a chance to spread out of control.

Flexible integration

Unlock the ultimate in scalability by integrating Firedome into any incident response system. You can manage events on our security dashboard or use our API to pull data into your existing platform – whatever makes sense for the way you work.

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