The Firedome
IoT Endpoint


Protect IoT like your IT devices: With an embedded solution
providing Defense in Depth, cybersecurity intelligence and
insights, and complete SIEM integration

IoT Security

Extend Security Coverage to IoT Endpoints

Enterprises using IoT devices experience insufficient security coverage, because an Endpoint Protection (EPP) solution for these devices doesn’t exist – until now. Firedome provide the industry standard and compliant security you expect on IT endpoints, for IoT.



Protect vulnerable devices throughout
the attack chain

IoT devices without endpoint protection are weak links that are easily exploited. Firedome defends IoT endpoints across the attack chain, disabling hackers who seek to compromise them and gain access to sensitive IT and OT networks.

Defense in Depth

Defend devices at every stage in the attack chain, from Reconnaissance to Command and Control and Execution.

Real-Time Protection

Our lightweight agent is present in the device firmware, where it needs to be in order to thwart attacks whenever they occur.

Firedome Threat Lab

Get security insights, and information on relevant vulnerabilities and other threats to your devices.

Unify and strengthen security intelligence

Incomplete endpoint protection means incomplete investigation and incident response. Firedome offers EDR on the endpoint, and easy integration with your SIEM or preferred event management tool, putting security events for both IoT and IT in a single pane of glass.

SIEM Support

Use our CEF API to push events to your preferred SIEM platform, SOAR, or your other preferred event management tool.

Pinpoint Threats

Benefit from continuous identification of Firedome IoT devices on your network, to accurately connect the dots between threats and targets.

Consolidated Security

Manage security events for all devices, not just laptops, workstations or servers, in a centralized way - without silos.
Mask Group(5)

Closed Security Gaps

Strong EPP to bring IoT security up to snuff with that of enterprise IT devices.

Unified Security Management

Get device specific security intel in major SIEMs, SOARs or the tools you prefer.

No Hassle Deployment

Firedome comes pre-installed by your vendor, is simple to activate, incurs no performance penalties and works with IoT OSs.

Reinforced Compliance

Bring ISO270001 security standards to the more vulnerable devices in your network.

Security By The Experts

We are veterans of security and embedded IoT, and Firedome is a reflection of our expertise.

How it Works

How Firedome Protects You

Firedome encompasses prevention, detection, response, and forensic information capabilities in a unified solution leveraging the power of cloud-based analytics.

Security Out of the Gate

Our lightweight agent comes pre-installed on your devices straight from the vendor, protecting you from square one, with no impact on device performance.

Simple SIEM Integration

All that’s required to integrate security events into your SIEM is a one-time, simple command.

Continuous Protection

The agent continuously protects your devices from attacks in the MITRE ATT&CK® framework, with a Defense in Depth Endpoint Protection strategy that covers port scanning, Brute Force, known and unknown malware, DDoS, scripting, and more.

Superior Security Analysis

Suspicious event data is constantly collected and stored for analysis, and is run through our insight generation engine to provide security event enrichment and correlation.
Firedome technology explained

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