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Extending Endpoint Protection to IoT Devices Deployed across the Enterprise

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Industry challenges

Enterprises are unable to address IoT exposure


When we use a device other than a desktop, laptop, or phone, that’s an IoT device. We see them in our offices every day: IP phones, printers, smart TVs, teleconferencing tools, surveillance cameras, building access technologies, and more. These network-connected devices are all targets for attackers, as they are not properly secured due to their lack of Endpoint Protection.

The biggest challenge is that IoT devices were designed with functionality and not security in mind, which is why the underlying mechanisms for the intended connectivity are inherently insecure. This has led to devices being leveraged by hackers at many stages of the attack chain in order to breach security systems. It doesn’t necessarily matter whether it’s as a gateway or access point, or if the devices are utilized as an army against a network or service. The security required is the same.

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Customer needs

Enterprise security teams need to secure IoT endpoints

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Whereas Endpoint Protection is built into computers, tablets, and phones, IoT is a different story. IoT devices lack endpoint protection and as a result, cybersecurity teams are unable to manage the security of IoT.

To mitigate this risk, security teams use network security solutions to create separate network domains for IoT devices and to apply strict segmentation policies. Lacking the ability to secure these devices from the endpoint itself, security professionals risk their organization being exposed.

This problem is only expected to grow. According to Gartner, by 2023, the average CISO will be responsible for more than three times the endpoints they managed in 2018. And with 30% of connected devices being classified as IoT for the average CISO, there is already an urgent need to address this issue.

How Firedome helps

Firedome is democratizing Endpoint Protection for IoT

Firedome is changing the IoT security arena. We work with both IoT vendors and enterprise security teams to ensure that Endpoint Protection is built-in to IoT devices deployed in the enterprise.

Device Protection (1)

Closed Security Gaps

Strong EPP to bring IoT security up to snuff with that of enterprise IT devices.

Unified Security Management

Get device specific security intel in major SIEMs, SOARs or the tools you prefer.
User data protection

Easy, Lightweight Solution

Firedome comes pre-installed by your vendor, is simple to activate, incurs no performance penalties and works with IoT OSs.

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