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How we help you bring enterprise-grade security and privacy to your customers.

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Protecting the IoT devices enterprises depend on

Teleconferencing tools

Digital locks

Office printers

(Programmable logic controllers)

Security cameras

Smart lighting

Digital signage



Industry challenges

Widespread IoT adoption creates widespread risk


As enterprises continue to digitize, IoT devices offer new levels of connectivity and automation. From connected locks to teleconferencing systems, enterprises are adopting IoT at an incredible rate. But every connected device creates risk – and your biggest potential customers are among the most security- and privacy-conscious.

Even seemingly low-risk devices could be used to compromise the entire network, resulting in a huge breach with disastrous consequences. With strict regulations around security and privacy, particularly in settings like banks, schools, and hospitals, the damage could be irreversible for you and your customer alike. You simply can’t afford to be the weakest link in an enterprise.

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Customer needs

Responding to a climate of IoT scrutiny

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Given the potential impact of a cyber attack, enterprise customers are understandably concerned about security and privacy. Every IoT device is scrutinized against exacting standards – not just internal standards, but also industry-specific legal requirements. To successfully sell into enterprise, you’ll need to demonstrate how your device meets these requirements – not just with industry-leading protection at a firmware level, but also with robust reporting, monitoring, and compliance.

For enterprise customers, the security and privacy burden is heavy. They need to remain compliant with legal standards, maintain security in line with their cyber insurance policies, and reduce their own risks around connected devices. To thrive, product leaders will need to demonstrate how they can help at every stage of the threat lifecycle – from real-time, proactive security to ongoing monitoring and incident response.

With Firedome, get unbeatable IoT security and privacy, with the reporting, monitoring, and proactive approach your enterprise customers are looking for.

How Firedome helps

Expand your market share with Cyber as a Feature

Seize market share

Bring security and compliance to your IoT devices in a way that’s efficient, effective, and affordable.

Close more deals, faster

Sail through privacy and security audits and remove the barriers to potential sales.

Drive customer revenue

Keep customers for longer with dependable security in every single device, increasing reliability.

Key outcomes

Create a unique offering that enterprises trust

Differentiate your offering

Gain a competitive edge by making security and privacy your point of difference.

Protect your reputation

Build your brand without the risk of a breach occurring and causing irreversible damage.

Focus on your core products

You focus on innovating your devices – we’ll take care of industry-leading security.

Reduce your time to market

Meet your customers’ complex requirements, from security compliance to cyber insurance obligations, and get your products to market faster.

Get expert compliance advice

Compliance is a complex world. From PCI DSS to GLBA, we’ll guide you through it step by step.
Enterprise IoT brands choose Firedome for

Enterprise IoT brands choose Firedome for

Integrated IoT threat detection and protection

A certified security agent

24/7 cyber monitoring

Secure OTA remote access

Marketing Launchpad to bring products to market

Flexible integration

AI-based threat detection

Proactive network monitoring and alerts

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