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Enterprise security challenges

Supply chain and insider threat attacks are on the rise


IoT devices deployed throughout the enterprise represent 30% of all endpoints, and are the easiest penetration point to the enterprise network. IoT devices are used as an entry point to launch undetectable supply chain and insider threat attacks.

2022 saw a 62% surge in supply chain attacks, spanning software, firmware and 3rd party. 61% of companies have suffered an insider attack in the past 12 months. Since IoT devices lack endpoint protection, they are an effective initial access point for attackers looking to gain entry into an organization and then move laterally across its network. Once the IoT device has been compromised, the attacker can transition from an IoT device into the main IT network and execute pivot attacks on the organizations crown jewels.

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Customer needs

Enterprise security teams need to secure IoT endpoints

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Whereas Endpoint Protection is built into computers, tablets, and phones, IoT is a different story. IoT devices lack endpoint protection and as a result, cybersecurity teams are unable to manage the security of IoT.

To mitigate IoT endpoint risk, security teams attempt to limit 3rd party access and employ strict segmentation rules, understanding that neither of these solutions are absolute. The lack of ability to secure IoT devices from the endpoint itself means security professionals risk their organization being exposed.

This problem is only expected to grow. According to Gartner, 25% of identified enterprise cyberattacks involve IoT. The security teams must ensure they secure IoT endpoints the same way they secure IT.

How Firedome helps

Firedome is democratizing Endpoint Protection for IoT

Firedome enables security teams to secure IoT endpoints the same way it secures IT, with EPP for IoT. Working with both IoT vendors and enterprise security teams, we ensure that Endpoint Protection is built-in to IoT devices and then activated in the enterprise.

Device Protection (1)

Closed Security Gaps

Strong EPP to bring IoT security up to snuff with that of enterprise IT devices.

Unified Security Management

Get device specific security intel in major SIEMs, SOARs or the tools you prefer.
User data protection

No Hassle Deployment

Firedome comes pre-installed by your vendor, is simple to activate, incurs no performance penalties and works with IoT OSs.

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