Securing the Connected Future


While serving as head of cybersecurity at Israel’s Security Agency, Firedome Co-Founder and CEO, Moti Shkolnik, learned just how easy it is for attackers to gain access to IoT devices. His hands-on experience on the offensive taught him the severity of the collateral damage such breaches pose. Putting this knowledge to use, Moti co-established Firedome together with the already experienced entrepreneurs Orr Chen and Sharon Mirsky 

Firedome today develops unique software-only solutions for IoT device manufacturers who are struggling to protect their device fleet from the ever-evolving cyber threats. Firedome’s solution delivers value beyond just autonomous attack mitigation: enabling new revenue streams, market expansion, “security leader” positioning, and services to harness device.

Top device manufacturers for home IoT, IIoT and enterprise IoT integrate Firedome’s technology in their devices in order to ensure an uncompromised, dynamic, real-time endpoint security.

The Firedome multi-layered holistic security platform is focused on prevention, detection, and response to threats and attacks, allowing manufacturers to protect themselves and their customers from the outcomes of critical breaches or attacks on their devices. 

With Firedome Endpoint Protection, IoT manufacturers can eliminate security breaches, decrease operational costs, and reduce emergency firmware upgrades. 

Firedome has offices in New York and Tel Aviv and  employs multinational cyber, embedded, research and analysis experts. 


Moti Shkolnik

Co-Founder & CEO

Prior to founding Firedome, Moti served in management positions at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) for 15 years. In his last role at the PMO, Moti was the head of the Cyber Division, which put him at the forefront of Israel’s national cybersecurity industry. Additionally, Moti was a cybersecurity advisor at one of the largest VCs in Israel.

Sharon Mirsky

Co-Founder & COO

Prior to founding Firedome Sharon was the CEO of Kyozou Inc, Sharon also co-founded and ran operations at ICONYC labs, the first startup accelerator for Israeli startups in NYC. Sharon has over 15 years of experience in technology and management with a deep focus on software startups, cybersecurity and telecommunications. Sharon is an alumni of the Israeli intelligence unit 8200.

Orr Chen

Co-Founder & VP R&D

Prior to founding Firedome, Orr was a co-founder and CTO at PushApps – a monetization platform for mobile push notifications which was acquired by AirPush in 2017.
Orr has a vast experience in software development on mobile, web and cloud, both as a manager and as a developer, working with startups and enterprises and helping them build scalable full stack solutions.

Daniel Yelin


Prior to his CFO position at Firedome, Danny held various executive positions in Finance and Business Operations, with a deep focus in startups. Danny has 25 years of experience in building companies’ business and finance infrastructure from the ground up. MRV Communications (NASDAQ MRVC), Walkme, and Apester are just a few of the companies he worked with.

Shaked Ilan

VP Security & Research

Prior to his VP Security & Research position at Firedome, Shaked was the CIO & Co-Founder of the Yin Yang Cyber. He served for 7 years in the Cyber Intelligence Division unit of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, in various research, development and management positions.
Shaked is a hacker at heart with 10 years of experience in penetration testing and security-oriented R&D.

Hila Harkov

VP, Human Resources

Hila Harkov is VP of HR at Firedome.

Ron Yosefi

VP Sales

Prior to joining Firedome, Ron held management positions in both large
corporates such as Microsoft and General Electric, as well as in startup
companies like CyberX and Tecnomatix, where he grew the business from the
ground up, delivering software solutions in IoT security, automation, big data
analytics and cloud computing.
Ron has over 25 years of experience in sales, business development and
marketing of software solutions, and is extremely passionate about IoT and
cybersecurity and the enormous opportunity their combination brings to the

Michelle Mogelson Levy

VP Marketing

Prior to joining Firedome, Michelle has led global marketing in companies of all
sizes for 25 years, and co-founded and led a consultancy firm helping B2B
companies transform, build and scale their marketing. From teams to
infrastructure and from lead to revenue, Michelle’s passion is spearheading
scalable growth for innovative companies.

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