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  • temi, the Sleek and Affable Robot, is Now Also Safe to Use

On a bright sunny day a visit to Rockcastle Regional Rehabilitation Center doesn’t feel any different to any ordinary hospital, that is until you try to make your way to reception, where you are met by temi. Who is temi?  Well, it’s really more a case of what is temi?  temi happens to be a self-navigating personal robot that draws an uncanny resemblance to R2-D2. Yup, that affable little robot from Star Wars. With about the same doses of friendliness and showing the similar potential for companionship, they’re both about the same 4ft of height.

More chatty and looking significantly more sleek than R2-D2, temi is a mobile robot with a voice activated display that is there to provide assistance in an almost infinite number of ways. At Rockcastle, they’re using temi to enable long term patients to interact with their families back at home, lead new visitors to where they need to go within the center, host a pilates class, and transport small items like a bowl of snack food, a newspaper or a pair of glasses to patients in their rooms.   

According to John Lambert, Director of Development at Rockcastle “Even in the best of circumstances, a hospital can be an isolating environment. Providing an ongoing family connection can improve quality of life and even in some cases improve clinical outcomes…about 8% of patients have some form of limited mobility, so by giving our patients access to voice assistance, temi really enables those patients to get out and do more”. 



With temi being deployed across a wide range of settings from customer service to retail and hospitality, a recent partnership with Firedome has entailed that these valuable interactions are kept secure and beyond the grasp of malicious actors.

As a global leader in manufacturing personal robots, temi places critical importance on securing against cyberattacks to safeguard customer security and privacy. To provide superior cyber protection, temi has embedded Firedome’s software agent into its products, enabling proactive cyber security and 24/7 security monitoring.  

Indeed, as useful as they are, robots like temi represent a unique cyber risk. To begin with they pick up an enormous amount of data,  such as floor plans, key codes and user credentials. They are also highly integrated into everyday human life, so much so that physical safety can become a risk should the robot be hijacked and lead a patient out of a care facility. Likewise, growing dependence on them may cause significant disruption should a hacker cause them to shut down and suddenly become unavailable.

“The personal robot market is a lucrative target for cyberattacks, temi is not taking any chances with security and privacy, and with Firedome’s proactive, real time security layer we are setting a new benchmark for IoT cyber security,” said temi CEO, Gal Goren. “This advanced layer of protection will allow us to provide peace of mind to our customers, while enabling our rapid expansion to new markets and industries.”

For temi’s many users around the globe,  Firedome’s security platform means that they can continue to safely enjoy their affable little robot with peace of mind.

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