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3 Steps: Cyber Breach Recovery Plan to Minimize Loss of Sales – Based on Verkada Breach

March 17, 2021 by Moti Shkolnik

Verkada Breach - What Happened? On March...


“Hey Google, can you please hack Alexa”?

April 04, 2019 by Sharon Mirsky

Smart home assistants are pretty popular these...


P2P Hole punching in Home IoT – A best UX or a built in security vulnerability?

March 03, 2019 by Shaked Ilan

There’s a punch, and then there’s P2P...


A Fresh View on Home Network (in)Security

February 20, 2019 by Shir Rinot

Let’s talk about home network security. There’s a...


The Illusion of Security By Design

February 07, 2019 by Orr Chen

Security by design, an approach that seeks...


The Story of Firedome

January 21, 2019 by Moti Shkolnik

We are Firedome, and earlier this year...

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