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What’s a FragAttack and How Should IoT Product Managers Deal With It?

June 03, 2021 by Moti Shkolnik

Could your device be used in a ‘drive-by’ hack? According to new research there is a good chance it could be. On May...

blog Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack

How the Colonial Pipeline Attack has Changed the Way Industry Shops for Connected Devices

May 13, 2021 by Aviv Sinai

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack is not a one off incident - and everyone knows it.  The event forced one of the nation’s...

blog security by design

Product Managers – Will Security-By-Design Protect Your IoT Device?

May 09, 2021 by Moti Shkolnik

Did you hear the joke about product managers and cybersecurity? Neither have I, they tend to not have much to do with each...

blog Verkada breach

3 Steps: Cyber Breach Recovery Plan to Minimize Loss of Sales – Based on Verkada Breach

March 17, 2021 by Moti Shkolnik

Verkada Breach - What Happened? On March 9th, the world woke up to the news of a very large-scale security breach. A group...


Firedome Welcomes IoT Industry Veteran Arsham Hatambeiki to Advisory Board

July 27, 2020 by Moti Shkolnik

Firedome is pleased to welcome Arsham Hatambeiki to our Advisory Board today. Arsham is SVP of Product and Technology at Universal Electronics, and...


Firedome & Olibra Awarded BIRD Foundation Grant to Transform Traditional Consumer Electronics Devices into Connected Home Cyber Guardians

July 22, 2020 by Roman Golubov

Firedome and Olibra, an IoT technology company  adding connectivity to products across several verticals, announced today that we've been awarded a special grant...


Firedome Welcomes Cybersecurity Industry Pioneer Alex Ionescu to Advisory Board

July 09, 2020 by Sharon Mirsky

Firedome is delighted to welcome Alex Ionescu to our advisory board today. Alex brings 2 decades of endpoint security expertise and is a...


Firedome Discloses 0-Day Vulnerabilities in Yale IP Cameras

May 07, 2020 by Shaked Ilan

This January, Firedome Labs' research team identified and disclosed several 0-day vulnerabilities in Yale branded smart IP cameras that would make them susceptible...


The New IoT Security Paradigm – Brought to You by Ayla Networks and Firedome

April 30, 2020 by Roman Golubov

With over 25 billion devices projected to be connected by 2022, there’s no question about the growing buzz in the IoT space. Things...


April 09, 2020 by Hila Harkov

התובנות שלנו על החשיבות של מחוברות ארגונית בזמן משבר: במצב של חוסר וודאות שאופף את כל העולם בימים אלו, עם ההבנה שככל שנקדים...

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