9 IoT Cybersecurity Leaders & Influencers to Follow

Home IoT is a relatively young industry, and one might think that it’s too early to declare strong expertise in this field. But young industries are often built upon decades of research and are in great need of pioneers to lead the way and shape the future. In just a short time, IoT devices have made our lives better, and we’ve already started to feel the massive influence of these new technologies together with the great challenges and security threats they pose.

And like with any other emerging industry, there’s also the influence of the experts behind the scenes and the evangelists on stage.

Influencers are good to follow as they share new trends and news. Specifically, in our industry, they talk about security risks, review the latest IoT cybersecurity technology, and post interesting insights.

To get you started, we’ve done some research and are happy to share 9 IoT cybersecurity thought leaders worth following (on social media, not in a hacking sort of way 🙂 )  

Stacey Higginbotham

1. Stacey Higginbotham

Who: Stacy is a former technology journalist who wrote for Time, Gigaom and other leading publications. She is the founder of ‘Stacey on IoT’, a newsletter, podcast, and blog for industry professionals.

What: Stacey’s online presence focuses on describing the technical and business aspects of IoT, including emerging trends and news, user privacy issues, and more. Check out her great piece about CES.

Why: We chose to include Stacey in our list because of her honest and up-to-date views on the industry. It also doesn’t hurt that she knows pretty much everyone and will keep you posted on the best events, live-tweeting options and latest Op-Ed articles.

Where: Twitter, LinkedIn, her website


David Copeland

2. David Copeland

Who: David’s Twitter bio informs you that he tweets on the train. His style is eclectic and touches on many different topics. He leads Consumer IoT at Vodafone Group with years of experience in the mobile field, including the creation of various mobile apps.

What: You’ll find lots of articles about IoT, debates on device pricing, their most exciting features, and insights about the tech leaders who created them.

Why: David is very specific, personal and straightforward with his recommendations and critique (just take a look at this security camera footage from his own home!). It’s also fun to get tech news from someone who shares things other than, well, tech news.

Where: Twitter, LinkedIn


Nick Ismail

3. Nick Ismail

Who: Nick Ismail is a social media hidden gem. He might not have a massive following, but as the editor of Information Age, his influence speaks for itself.

What: Nick loves to tweet about IoT, chatbots, and the future of business. He shares articles written by Information Age, as well as many other company blogs and publications.

Why: Nick connects the latest technology with everyday challenges that different players in the business field can identify with. We love his webinar with Paycom on the digital transformation in HR.

Where: Twitter, LinkedIn


Byron Acohido

4. Byron Acohido

Who: Byron’s experience in cybersecurity dates back to 2004 when he served as a technology reporter and web producer at USA Today. Currently, Byron is a cybersecurity journalist and media producer who runs the website The Last Watchdog.

What: Acohido writes pretty much all of the content on his website himself, but interviews and hosts other experts in the privacy arena. Here’s his Q&A with Michael Sutton, an advisor at SOAR.

Why: The man can write (and has a Pulitzer Prize to prove it). His deep expertise in the field, combined with the ability to connect cybersecurity with current news on any topic, makes for a brilliant content experience.

Where: Twitter, LinkedIn, his website


Michael Fisher

5. Michael Fisher

Who: Fisher is a Systems Analyst at Whitcraft Group, a cybersecurity consultant and tech blogger.

What: You’ll find a lot of infographics about security, IoT and data-science. A strong, visual experience that delivers relevant information in a digestible manner.

Why: His analytical thinking is evident in his data-driven content. Michael doesn’t just review cybersecurity from the outside looking in, but actually works in the business and breathes the industry.

Where: Twitter, LinkedIn


Tamara McCleary

6. Tamara McCleary

Who: Tamara is an expert in branding, technology, social media marketing, and everything in between. She is the founder and CEO of Thulium branding company.

What: Tamara shares quotes and articles by different tastemakers on IoT, AI, robotics, the future of work, and more.

Why: Tamara is at the exciting intersection of marketing and technology. She brings much-needed insights on how technology is used and protected, and how it should be branded and explained.

Where: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, her website


Michela Menting

7. Michela Menting

Who: Michela serves as the Digital Security Research Director at ABI Research, focusing on digital security content and data.

What: Michela shares content written by various tech leaders and websites (including ABI Research, obviously) on topics such as cybersecurity, blockchain, IoT and more.

Why: What’s better than getting your data-driven information on GDPR from a Europe-based tech analyst? Michela knows how to dig deep, and shares insightful information in relatively short articles. No fluff, all facts.

Where: Twitter, LinkedIn, ABI Research


Louis Creager

8. Louis Creager

Who: An IoT Security Analyst with a passion for tech and a knack for writing. His experience includes leading the domain at Zvelo, where he created quite a bit of content on the topic for blogs and publications.

What: Very techie explanations that TechTarget describes as “the Internet of Things with an enterprise angle”. Louis dives into different types of security breaches and tells organizations how to stay protected before and after attacks.

Why: His content is for pros but manages to remain conversational in tone and digestible in character.

Where: LinkedIn and his TechTarget column


Don A. Bailey

9. Don A. Bailey

Who: Founder and CEO of Lab Mouse Security, Don is a security researcher and writer. Oh, and he’s also a hacker. Don is a pioneer in the IoT field who is both the author and subject of interesting content. Check out this Forbes article by Thomas Brewster about one of Don’s cryptocurrency research projects.

What: His Twitter profile is short and sweet (though in the security field, that often means short and scary), but his blog includes in-depth, long-form articles covering topics well beyond tech. Expect content about entertainment, travel, and just life.

Why: Don tweets and retweets lots of interesting content that will let you know who’s who in the tech and security arena.

Where: Twitter, LinkedIn, his blog


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