6 Hot Products that Predict the Future of IoT

More and more devices are becoming connected every day. As the IoT industry booms, companies are coming up with new, innovative products that make use of advances in technology. 

But what are the hottest products on the market right now? And how can they help us predict what the future of IoT will look like?

We’ve taken a look at some of the most successful recent IoT products and what makes them work.

Looking after the elderly

Lively Mobile + gives peace of mind for both elderly people and their loved ones. Weighing in at just 1.9 ounces, it’s light enough to be worn without causing discomfort and an IPX7 waterproof rating means it can be kept on when in the shower. It has built-in fall detection and enhanced GPS accuracy so their agents can quickly get help out as soon as it’s needed. And it also has clear, two-way communication available via a single-press button so users can easily speak to someone to request assistance. 

There is a companion app that can be installed on smartphones so trusted family members and friends can also be alerted in case of an emergency. The app can be used to monitor activity and detect any changes to daily routines, as well as showing when the call button was used and where the user was at the time. 

As medical science improves and life expectancy continues to increase, there will be even more focus on the quality of life in later years. Connected devices like Lively Mobile + are likely to be hugely popular as they allow people to maintain their independence whilst ensuring help is at hand whenever they need it.

A breath of fresh air

Governments across the world are continuing to tighten up regulations around harmful carbon emissions which should result in an overall improvement in air quality. But at the same time, as more health conditions are linked to air quality, we will see people taking an increased interest in what they can do for themselves as well as the environment as a whole.

You can control the air quality in your home or office, but what about when you’re on the move? The plume labs Flow is a connected, portable device that can measure air quality and predict pollution. It comes with a smartphone app that can be used to plan your commutes and ensure the best air quality possible. Using detailed maps and real-time data, it will guide you to the least polluted streets so you can be sure you’re always breathing the freshest air.

The future of farming

Arable’s flagship product is a fully connected, solar-powered crop and weather sensor. Once installed, it collects over 40 climate and plant metrics such as precipitation, temperature, leaf wetness, and crop water demand. This data is then sent to the cloud where it is processed by machine-learning models to help farms and food producers make better decisions around things like irrigation, spray applications, and disease and pest management. Arable has partnered with over 30 global research institutions across the full spectrum of agricultural climate zones, so by collating the data and applying machine learning they are constantly refining and improving their forecasting accuracy.

With global warming affecting climates across the world, and the need to increase production to keep up with a growing population, farmers are going to have to embrace technology to keep up. Dynamic solutions like Arable’s, which continually update as conditions change, will be vital to keeping the world fed.

Smart locks

Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about changing the locks if you lose your keys? The best way to avoid that is to get rid of the need for keys completely with smart locks. August provides a range of connected smart locks that can not only make keys redundant but also control access from anywhere and keep track of who has been in and out. They fit easily over existing locks and can be set up in as little as 10 minutes. Built-in connectivity means they can be linked to Alexa or Google Home and the app lets you assign or revoke virtual keys at any time, no matter where you are.

In the modern world, time is everything. Busy lives mean people are always looking for shortcuts to grab back some precious time. Products like this that allow them to give others access without being present themselves will be attractive to anyone who’s on the move every day.

Personal robots

Temi has produced the “world’s first cost-effective robot” that can be used for both business and personal needs. These robots are mobile units with Alexa built-in for communication. Using 3D mapping and sensors they can follow you around the home or workplace enabling new levels of communication and enhancing customer care. They use Temi’s own proprietary autonomous navigation and AI technologies and are already operating successfully in various settings including hospitals and care homes, offices, retail stores, libraries, and individual homes. 

By being permanently connected to the internet Temi robots always have the latest updates and access to the right information for any situation they’re being used in. Whilst the sci-fi fantasy of human-like androids in every home is still a long way from reality, consumers are looking for an extra personal touch from technology. These robots will give them more and more of that as they evolve in the coming years.

Interconnecting smart home products

You may already have some smart devices around your home but just how smart are they? Do they all link together or are they very individual? Canadian Tire has produced a wide range of NOMA iQ products for customers to create their own perfect smart home. 

Their selection of smart lights, power outlets, dimmers and switches, and air purifiers can all be easily controlled by one simple smartphone app. The beauty of this is that although the products are sold individually, the app links them all together seamlessly once they are installed. It’s like building your own modular smart home, piece by piece, at your own pace. Most people can’t afford to kit out an entire house with smart devices all in one go, so providing products that can be added over a period of time will be an attractive proposition.

Are these products secure?

The biggest factor that can hold connected devices back is security. Any IoT product has the potential to be attacked by cyberattackers, so it’s understandable that some consumers are reluctant to fully embrace them. A virus on a computer is one thing, an exploit in a smart device that could compromise the safety of yourself or a loved one is another thing entirely.

And these concerns aren’t unfounded. Whilst there is no suggestion that August’s smart locks can be hacked to allow unauthorized people access, it has been reported that a hacker could use them as a way into the wireless network where they could carry out malicious activities.

That’s why it’s critical that as well as enhancing their lives, consumers can be confident that any IoT devices they purchase are not going to have any security or privacy implications. 

The entire NOMA IQ™ range has Firedome’s cybersecurity built-in, providing comprehensive protection against threats such as malware, cryptojacking, and identity misuse. This has allowed them to establish themselves as a market leader in prioritizing privacy and security in smart home devices. The lightweight security agent doesn’t impact the design or functionality of the products, and it offers peace of mind that their homes will be safe as well as smart, making them the clear choice for consumers.  

And whilst Temi isn’t producing humanoid robots yet, they know that consumers will compare their products to the dangerous rogue androids depicted in movies. Being deployed in sensitive environments such as hospitals, they identified cybersecurity as critical from day one and are leading the market with their privacy and security features. By partnering with Firedome they’re able to show customers that their robots have the highest level of cyber protection available and will secure their privacy.

As the use of connected devices grows exponentially, so does the number of cyberattacks. And the most widely used products will be the top targets as that will give the hackers maximum impact. Privacy and security is becoming a market standard for IoT products, so whilst providing the right benefits and features is crucial to success, effective cybersecurity is equally important to gaining and retaining consumer confidence.

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