Revolutionizing Network

Detection & Response


Empowering Network Security with Firedome Curve™


Firedome, a cybersecurity trailblazer, specializes in detection and response solutions for networks and IoT devices tailored for enterprise settings.
Founded by leading security veterans, the company comprises a globally distributed team of cyber, networking, research, and analysis experts – With one mission: thwarting attacks on enterprise networks.

Firedome Curve™ provides organizations with the means to preemptively stop supply chain, insider threat, ransomware, and other complex attacks that might otherwise evade detection by current security protocols and controls.

Moti Shkolnik
Co-Founder & CEO

A world-class cybersecurity expert with a hacker’s mindset, Moti’s personal mission to secure enterprise networks underpins everything we do.

As well as leading Firedome, Moti brings an unparalleled level of insight, experience and cyber knowledge that’s leading the entire network security industry forward.

Orr Chen
Co-Founder & CTO

A third-time founder with over 12 years of experience in tech startups, Orr knows how to develop, deliver, and productize innovative new technology. 

As our CTO, he manages and motivates a team that’s committed to quality and uncovering new ways to provide value to our customers.

Netta Schmeidler
VP Product

Netta has more than 25 years’ experience in engineering and product roles – from delivering complex applications to managing global teams.

At Firedome, she draws on this expertise to help us define and build our solutions and take them to market.

Guy Goldfarb
VP Engineering

Leading our engineering team with over two decades of expertise in software development and team leadership at companies such as Kayhut, Airspan, and Proxy software, Guy has been at the forefront of communication systems, network security, and embedded development.


Aviv Sinai
VP Security Research

Bringing 8 years of extensive expertise in embedded reversing, pen testing, security assessment, and beyond, our VP of Security Research is a seasoned professional. With a noteworthy background at Karamba Security and Matzov Unit.

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